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Jay-z's Outlook on Investing

As we embark on another new year, culture continues to shift and surprise some, perhaps most aptly surmised by this year’s upcoming Grammys, in which not a single white-male has been nominated for best album of the year. As the Los Angeles Times points out, this year’s nominees come mainly from the realms of Hip-Hop and R&B. While many of the musicians nominated have become big-names over the ...

Podcast: 7 Reasons to Invest in 2018

Most investors we meet discuss how to invest in 2018 in a market that is already too high, but few have insight beyond a lack of alternatives for personal financial planning & financial security

Preparing For Your 'Golden Years'

By Meenakshi Nawani

Dear Sister, Take Control Over Your Finances

Sept. 28 By Meenakshi Nawani Let me start this piece on a positive note: statistics suggest that more and more women are focusing on financial independence and becoming the primary breadwinners for their families. However, the not-so-good news is that a lot of us still tend to lag behind on important money matters, such as investing and retirement. The question becomes, how do I manage my ...

Summer's End

Sept. 14 By Alex Eaker "And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Baby Steps

Sept. 7 By Meenakshi Nawani It’s safe to say that becoming a mother tops the list of the best things that have happened in my life thus far! I find myself viewing the world around me with a brand new perspective where I’m no longer the epicenter. Overnight, I’ve become conscious of the same world being scary and treacherous but filled with wonderment and magic all at once as I alternate between ...

To Be Heard

Aug. 10 By Meenakshi Nawani Women and Math don’t mix or aren’t supposed to anyway, is what many of us have likely been led to believe. In my seven-year career in the financial services industry, I have encountered many a situations where I palpably felt under-valued as an employee, a lot of times in stark contrast to my male counterparts. While I wouldn’t deny that it was a rewarding career, I ...

A Well Fitted Suit

Aug. 14 By Alex Eaker When I think of NPI’s personalized approach to working with clients, I think of the two suits I’ve purchased in my life: the first from a clothing chain that had some nice, reasonably priced suits sitting in the aisles. I wasn’t looking to be picky, all it took was a quick stop in the changing room and glance in the mirror to lead to my buying the suit. I got the job done ...

One Cent

JULY 27, 2017 BY ALEX EAKER “And that turns out to be the hardest thing to live with, not the regret or the fear, but the realization that the edge is so close to where we live.” – Jess Walter, The Financial Lives of the Poets


By Alex Eaker You start young: you save quarters and dimes; nickels and pennies in a piggy-bank. It’s literally a ceramic, pink pig and each time you drop change inside you hear a clink—clink—clink sound inside its round stomach. Let’s say you call it “Mr. Oink” because you are young and are in the habit of naming things after the sounds they make. Each time you find a quarter on the concrete or ...